I’m currently accepting new clients by referral or through 12Listen. I'm also open to meeting new clients who reside in the Denver Metro area.

Existing Clients

If you’re someone I've met before, welcome back. If you’ve been referred by an existing client of mine, please let me know and I’ll meet with you by phone or in person.

In Person

I only have six time slots per week available for "in person" meetings. I meet in person for sessions on Friday and Saturday only.

Phone and Skype

I'm available for phone or Skype meetings Tuesday through Saturday. I take Sunday and Monday off. 

Please feel free to email if you’d like more information or if I can answer any questions. 

Go to the “Contact Mo” page to contact me.

12Listen clients

If you’re a new client and found me through, 12Radio or HayHouse radio, then I’ll be happy to read for you through the 12Listen organization. I’m bound contractually and ethically to read for you only through the 12listen system. Please don’t ask me to circumvent this policy.

I’m currently reading at You can find me by following this link:     Mo at 12Listen

12 Listen Phone Consultations - I’m available throughout the week. You can set up appointments on the site easily. Please check for more details and pricing. 

I also offer classes through