Trust a Dog's Intuition

Last night, around 3 AM, Libby needed to go out.

I always go out and into the yard with her. We enjoy each other's company.

She was skittish due to the weather lately. These monsoon weather masses have brought along a lot of lightning, actually causing some deaths in the area in the last week.

We went out and it was just beginning to rain. Lib really didn't want to be out there, even though the sky was mostly clear and the moisture seemed to be coming from a solitary cloud overhead. She was definitely tentative, did her thing and quickly went inside. (I only accompany her on these excursions and don't participate in kind.)

Not 10 minutes after we were back in bed, a massive explosion of light and thunder shook our house. I have no doubt that if we'd been outside, it might have been dangerous.

She certainly knew better than I did.

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